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#22 Building a Net Zero Future Through Information with Nat Bullard, Chief Content Officer of BloombergNEF

November 16, 2021

What does it take to get to net-zero and will we accomplish it fast enough? In the last episode of season two, Nathan speaks with Nat Bullard, Chief Content Officer at Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) on how he and the rest of the BNEF team are bringing the world closer to net-zero emissions by sharing information and insights. 

BloombergNEF is a research group within Bloomberg LP. Their analytical services assess the tools, business models, and pathways for achieving a deep decarbonization of the global economy by mid-century. The group covers power, transportation, food and agriculture, the built environment, and the enabling technologies linking them together. C-suite executives, board members, and consultants are a small sample of the rapidly growing community of people who benefit from BloombergNEFs insights.

Nat is a leading thinker in the global transition to a net-zero society. I use his work to help research this show. He is also one of the top thinkers around net zero topics like the  energy transition, electrification of transport, climate technology, and climate finance. 

During the interview, Nat and I discuss art as a lens to understand climate and innovation, his journey into the world of climate, what he reads to inform his opinions and his process for turning ideas into insights. We discuss the importance of accuracy in Bloomberg’s predictions and if the world decarbonizing fast enough to reach net-zero emissions in time to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.

You can learn more about BloombergNEF on their website, h

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