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#20 Making Informed Consumers Purchases with Lizzie Horvitz, Founder and CEO of Finch

November 2, 2021

What if we had a bank of consumer good sustainability ratings so that we could compare products environmental impacts without having to rely on shady marketing or generic symbols? And what if that bank of ratings was crowd-sourced in the same manner that individual people built Wikipedia, Reddit, and Waze and then combine those efforts with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and good old fashion expertise. Well, what you would get is Finch.

On the show today is Lizze Horvitz, CEO and Founder of Finch. Finch aims to decode sustainability and empower consumers to make better purchasing decisions. Lizzie started Finch in March of 2020 to educate people on the ins and outs of sustainability by turning complex scientific facts into simple, actionable insights. Launching as a browser extension, Finch fuses expert scores on products' environmental and social impacts with functional reviews from real people.

During the interview we discuss Lizzie's lifelong commitment to sustainability, how that helped her as a founder, the myth that purchasing sustainably means spending more money, and bar shampoo. (Yes, you read that right, bar shampoo.)

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