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#19 Eliminating Single-Use Plastics in Foodservice with Linda Pouliot, Co-founder and CEO of Dishcraft Robotics

October 26, 2021

One TRILLION single-use plastics and five GALLONS of water per dish. That is the current environmental footprint Linda Pouliot is trying to erase as she moves the world closer to net-zero emissions with her company Dishcraft Robotics.

Today's guest is Linda Pouliot, Co-Founder and CEO of Dishcraft Robotics. Dishcraft takes care of the dishes so kitchens can take care of people. Dishcraft is the only reusable foodware delivery solution that combines robotic automation, process innovation, and service to solve the environmental and labor challenges facing the foodservice industry today. 

Similar to a linen service, Dishcraft delivers and picks up a full range of reusable foodware items and washes them using advanced, patented technology that scrubs and inspects dishes multiple times, using cold, recirculated water. The result is a highly efficient, scalable system that conserves resources and delivers a consistent, unparalleled level of clean.  

​​Linda a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, artist and foodie who is passionate about robotics and hardware. Colleagues describe her as "the glue that sticks everything together"​ inside a company.

During the interview, Linda and I discuss her entrepreneurial journey, how she integrates her passion and background for art in her role as CEO,  and how Dishcraft is moving the world closer to net-zero emissions while reducing the amount of single-use plastics and wasted water currently plaguing the food industry.

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