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#18 Healthy and Energy Efficient Buildings with James Dean, Founder and CEO of Oxygen8

October 19, 2021

Per the IEA, energy efficiency and electrification are the two main drivers of achieving net-zero emissions in the building sector. If you think about it, buildings going up today will likely be standing in 2050. Meanwhile more and more people will need heating and cooling in their home as the climate changes. In order reach net-zero by 2050 total CO2 emissions from the buildings sector need to decline by more than 95% from almost 3 Gt in 2020 to around 120 Mt in 2050 in the NZE. And at the same time, buildings need to be healthy to ensure we can live in a warmer climate, one that is more friendly to viruses like COVID-19.   

Today on the show is James Dean, Founder and CEO of Oxygen8. Oxygen8 is a clean energy technology company developing products that improve the health, comfort, and energy efficiency of buildings.

James is a clean-tech entrepreneur with a passion for innovation, product development, healthy buildings, and sustainability. He has a BaSc in Civil Engineering from the University of Waterloo, and an MBA from the University of Western Ontario. Equally committed to the environment in his personal life, James recently built West Vancouver’s first net-zero energy Passive House, which was named North America’s Most Innovative Home in 2020.

During the interview, James and I discuss his net zero energy passive house, his lessons from from 20 years of starting and selling companies, how individuals can affect building codes in their cities and counties, and of course how Oxygen8 is moving the world closer to net-zero emissions while also making buildings more healthy by electrifying building ventilation.

James' reading suggestions and other additional readings:

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